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Trumom USA Manual Comfort Baby Breast milk Breast Pump with Temperature Indicator Ring & Digital thermometer Included

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TRUMOM's Breastfeeding Pump with Temperature Indicator Ring (Red Color ring Indicates the temperature is ideal for drinking, White Colors alert it is too hot). It is 100% made from food grade silicone. It is safe for mommy and baby, reusable and 100% Eco-friendly. It is specially designed to collect the leaking milk while nursing on the other side. It pumps out the milk from your breast by the natural pressure. It is more gentle and pleasurable than using electronic pump that may hurt your nipples by strong suction. It is also soundless while pumping. Your baby deserves to have a quiet moment instead of the noisy motor sound while nursing. With its soft and ultra-light design, it is the best traveling pump you have ever found in the market. You do not have to worry about running out of the batteries or breaking the pump accidentally on traveling. It's manual. Perfect for flight trip, hiking, BBQ, fishing, camping or other outdoor activities.

  • Colour Changing Temperature Ring: Position the temperature indicator ring below the bottle and wait 15 seconds. Red colour ring indicates the temperature is ideal for drinking. White Colour alerts alerts it is too hot
  • HALF STROKES (QUICK TEMPO STIMULATION) Pump faster to imitate baby’s first initial sucking motion to start lactation.
  • FULL STROKES (SLOW TEMPO EXPRESSION) Pump more slowly to imitate your baby’s regular sucking motion and expression milk more efficiently.
  • HIGHEST SAFETY AND QUALITY: FDA Approved, Baby Safe Food Grade Silicone, BPA FREE material to ensure that your milk remains natural and safe for your baby's consumption. It's fully comply and test by FDA, so it's definitely safe. And in order to protect your precious milk, our manual breastfeeding pump freely provide you with lid and nipple to care for your baby.
  • PORTABLE, PAIN FREE, LEAK PROOF DESIGN AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our pump is completely pain free and leak proof. It has ergonomic handle, easy to install and more comfy for sucking milk. Compact and light weight design, portable and more convenience for using without hurting yourself. The device is also very straightforward, so when cleaning, all you need is a bottle brush, soap, and water. It very easy to keep clean and sterilize, assuring maximum hygiene which is of paramount importance