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Trumom USA Manual PPSU Gold Advance Breast Pump 2002

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  • SUCTION CONTROLLER ZERO SUCTION LEVEL : (QUICK TEMPO STIMULATION) Pump faster to imitate baby's first initial sucking motion to start lactation.
  • SUCTION CONTROLLER FULL SUCTION LEVEL : SLOW TEMPO EXPRESSION) Pump more slowly to imitate your baby's regular sucking motion and expression milk more efficiently.
  • PPSU GOLD bottle: TRUMOM USA PPSU GOLD medical grade BPA free plastic bottle ensures highest safety in the world. Heat resistant 197 degrees. This plastic type is very hard-wearing, highly durable and long lasting and is gold-toned in appearance. It is a medical-grade plastic and has a very high heat resistance. This type of bottle is perfect for a high level of daily usage.
  • PORTABLE, PAIN FREE, LEAK PROOF DESIGN AND EASY TO CLEAN: Our pump is completely pain free and leak proof. It has ergonomic handle, easy to install and more comfy for sucking milk. Compact and light weight design, portable and more convenience for using without hurting yourself. The device is also very straightforward, so when cleaning, all you need is a bottle brush, soap, and water. It very easy to keep clean and sterilize, assuring maximum hygiene which is of paramount importance
  • FREE GIFTS INCLUDED: Suction valve spare part for future usage , BREAST FEEDING PADS PACK OF 30 and BREASTMILK BAGS PACK OF 30 !!! Our honey comb breast pads have highest absorption available in India and come with our patented "leak proof guards" . TRUMOM is a product of Nureca Inc USA which comes with 1 year Warranty Support in India