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Trumom USA Lavender Rechargeable Electric Breast Milk Feeding Pump with Manual Convertor Kit & Temperature Indicator Ring

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Trumom (USA) Lavender Rechargeable Electric Feeding pump with Manual Convertor Kit & Temperature Indicator Ring (Red Color ring Indicates the temperature is ideal for drinking, White Colors alert it is too hot). Trumom electric breastfeeding pump Trumom electric breastfeeding pump (charger is included): Trumom lavender is the most advanced electric pump available in India. Trumom electric breast pump mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm precisely. It works on baby's natural suckling action. Start with our unique "massage mode" to make the breast tender followed by "stimulation mode" and finally "expression". Massage mode is designed to increase the milk flow. The product is light enough to be carried around, it is very comfortable to use, pain free and leak free all plastic parts used are 100 percentage BPA free and very safe for your baby. 1 YEAR WARRANTY IN INDIA .Warranty covers manufacturing defect in pump motor only.
  • Colour Changing Temperature Ring: Position the temperature indicator ring below the bottle and wait 15 seconds. Red colour ring indicates the temperature is ideal for drinking. White Colour alerts alerts it is too hot
  • Convertible Manual Kit: Manual Convertor Kit (Provided Free in pack) can be converted electric pump to a manual pump
  • Ball One Key Design (Jog Dial controller): Use ball rolling on machine to adjust the level of gear. Or Short press ball rolling to switch between stimulation & Suction mode
  • 5 STAGE WONDERFUL AUTOMATIC MASSAGE STIMULATION MODE (EVERY 45 SECONDS GEAR CHANGES): Start with Our Unique Automatic 5 stage “Massage and Stimulation Mode" To Make the Breast Tender. Massage Mode Is Designed To Increase The Milk Flow. In the automatic massage/stimulation mode, the pump will increase level from 1 to 5, changing levels automatically every 45 seconds
  • 9 STAGE EXPRESSION MILK SUCTION: Trumom USA Lavender Electric Recharge Breast Pump Mimics a Baby’s Natural Nursing Rhythm Precisely. It Works On Baby’s Natural Suckling Action. Start with Our Unique Automatic 5 stage Massage and Stimulation Mode To Make the Breast Tender Followed by 9 stages of Expression / Milk suction. Chose milk suction intensity level as per your convenience