Trumom USA Breast Milk Storage Bags

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Leak Proof

Trumom Breast milk Storage bags helps you store the expressed milk safely for subsequent use. To Save every drop of precious Mother’s Milk, these are specially designed Leak Proof Bags. The Material is made to withstand touch conditions. You can carry them in you Bag without any fear of spilling.

BPA Free & Pre-sterilized

Anything that comes in contact with Babies has to be Safe. Trumom Breast Milk Storage Bags are Pre- Sterilized and free from harmful chemicals. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce reusable plastic products. BPA can leach from containers into beverages and foods and pose a potential health risk. At Trumom,we ensure that your Baby gets nothing but the Best. Trumom Storage Bags are made from BPA free Plastic thereby ensuring that your Baby gets milk as fresh & safe as directly expressed.

Dual Layer Bag for Extra Security

Trumom Storage bags come with Dual Layer for Extra protection against Damage & Leakage. Mothers can easily keep the bags in their Hand bags or refrigerator & not worry about any damage either to the Milk or bags. The Double layers help to keep the milk intact and strengthens the bags for easy storage.